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Choosing the Right Door Hardware for Your Access Control Solution

January 15, 2021 Security Richard McMullen

Access Control Systems are engineered and implemented to help ensure safe, secure and convenient entry for authorized users to a facility.  These systems can also provide a secure audit trail that can aid in investigations.  Restricting access to authorized staff, visitors and others can be based on time-of-day schedules specific to each entry point.  They […]

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OMG, here comes another WiFi iteration – 802.11ax

March 21, 2018 Wireless Shahab Siddiqui

Just when we were getting used to 802.11ac there is chatter of the next iteration of WiFi technology, 802.11ax, coming out soon. For a pseudo-technologist like myself, it is a real bane keeping up with the pace of technological advancements. It is more painful to be able to technically understand, and explain to others, what […]

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Wireless Trends – FCi’s Story in 2017

January 19, 2018 Cabling, Company News, and Wireless Shahab Siddiqui

Calendar Year 2017 was a great year for FCi’s wireless division that continued to see double-digits percentage YOY (Year-Over-Year) growth. This growth has been fueled mainly by 2 solutions in our wireless portfolio – DAS and WiFi. The growth in these 2 areas (as shown in the pie-chart left) of our wireless business indicates a […]

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Building Safer Communities Together

November 15, 2017 Company News, and Security Richard McMullen

Contributing to your community continues to be a main factor for volunteering.  Volunteering with the National Capital Area Crime Stoppers organization has been a privilege for over six years.  Serving as the President and Chair of the Board of Directors is a wonderful opportunity to contribute to a safer community.   Of course, volunteering also offers […]

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