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Health & Safety

Health & Safety

The health and safety of our employees is of utmost importance to us. FCi is committed to the protection of all our employees and the general public from workplace injury.

The ongoing situation with COVID-19 is changing daily and FCi is responding accordingly, with everyone’s Health & Safety always top of mind. As an essential service provider we are here for our employees, suppliers and clients, operating with both remote and on-site staff. We want you to know that we will always put Health and Safety first, while working together to do our best to ensure interruption free telecom and security services. Please contact us if you require service.


Throughout the overall work performance of each employee, safety must be a foremost part of the job and will be accorded as much importance as the quality and quantity of the work being performed.

Every employee must protect his or her own health and safety by working in accordance with the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA), complying with other government safety legislation where applicable and applying safe working practices as established in FCi’s Health & Safety Program. Available upon request.



Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) was implemented to ensure barriers to all Ontarians with any form of disability are removed.

It’s FCi’s mandate to meet and maintain compliance with the Act and with those regulations associated regarding the provisioning of goods and services to persons with disabilities.

With respect to FCi services provided to customers having a disability, a feedback process is available by means of requesting and submitting a Customer Service Feedback form. Or, by contacting FCi by means of the following:

  • President – FCi
  • (613) 244-6770
  • 101-920 Belfast Rd, Ottawa, ON K1G 0Z6
  • info@fci.ca
  • fci.ca

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