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FCi offers a comprehensive array of Communication Solutions for all Specialized Markets. Our Communication Solutions are designed with Industry leading and proven technologies to drive clear messaging in Education, Corporate, Transport, Healthcare and Government environments. Our Design/Build team works closely with each client to develop a true understanding of their needs, through this design-thinking process, it enables our team to create a unique solution tailored to each client.

Communication Solutions below:


Education Communication Solutions

Our Solutions for Education space combine commonly used independent building system and unify them to create a more effective communication ecosystem to keep people safe and improve daily communications.

Corporate Communication Solutions 

Our Corporate Solutions offer class leading technology to leverage business music and voice messaging that attract and retain customers while improving employee satisfaction. 

Transport Communication Solutions 

Our Unified Communications Solutions for Mass Transportation Environments, provide clear and precise messaging, which assist passengers in navigation, while supporting critical emergency preparedness plans.  

Healthcare Communication Solutions 

Our Integrated Healthcare Solutions offer high-quality audio reproduction to effectively communicate messaging, leading to quick responses and enhanced patient satisfaction.

Government Communication Solutions

Our Government Communication platform is the chosen foundation for scalable, efficient, secure, and reliable communications across an entire government facility. 

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Contact us to discuss your needs and let our Design/Build team create an integrated solution for your daily communications while also supporting your emergency preparedness plans.

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