Audit Services

Audit Services

FCi has vast experience in carrying out full telecommunication network audits.

PoE Lighting

These audits include on-site inspections and documentation of the existing inside or outside cable plants, voice and data cabling systems, supporting telecommunication infrastructures, telecommunication grounding systems and networking equipment.

Inside cable plant audit reports may include the following information
Types of cables installed in the current cabling infrastructure such as fiber, copper, coax, shielded and identification of abandoned cables.
Test results are provided on all cables using sophisticated test equipment and documented results are provided in LinkWare and PDF formats.
Data center and telecommunication room drawings and photographs that identify cabinet layouts, patch panel identification, grounding systems, lighting system.
Building floor plans and drawings (PDF or AutoCAD) as well as photographs can be provided to identify telecommunication pathways, fill ratio percentages, fire stopping, cabinet layout drawings, telecommunication outlet locations, and labeling sequences.

Our Professional Services
FCi offers a range of professional services in support of all of our individual lines of service;
✓ Wireless (WiFi)
✓ Cellular Enhancement
✓ BroadBand / MicroWave Links
✓ Audio Video/ Digital Signage
✓ Sound Masking
✓ Lighting / PoE / IP-PoE
✓ System Audits

Our team of professionals can support you in planning projects of any size and provide detailed close out documentation for future use.

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