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PoE Lighting

PoE Lighting

FCi sees lighting as both art and science.

PoE Lighting

With our industry leading partners in design and manufacturing, we can bring both together as a customized solution. FCi ensures that all standards and practices such as Canadian Electrical and Building Codes, IEC and BICSI standards are met or exceeded.

We specialize in low voltage designs and deployments which include Power over Ethernet (PoE) and Internet Protocol Power over Ethernet (IP/PoE). We provide Premise and Cloud-based lighting control solutions.

Whether our clients’ needs are low voltage, highly efficient lighting to meet energy saving goals or more IP oriented deployments to harvest data from today’s IP enabled Lighting solutions, we have the expertise to advise, design and build the solution. IP-connected lighting sensor networks can help solve inform complex integration and control challenges by providing data on occupancy, temperature, CO2 saturation, and natural light levels.

As an example, store lighting can be integrated with indoor positioning infrastructure.

Various methods of communication can be integrated, including Visible Light Communication (VLC,) Bluetooth and WiFi. With these communication media enabled, the IP/PoE lighting system is now able to interact with location aware applications and the Lighting Control System.

Software – Unlike traditional lighting control systems, IP/POE lighting control may be either on the premise or in the cloud.

We have extensive relationships with key vendors to provide front-of-the-line support.

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