Since 1995, we have been installing and maintaining complex integrated security solutions for a variety of enterprise clients in the national capital region.  With a large team of certified electronic security professionals, FCi is well positioned to deliver a cost effective security solution that can be well maintained for many years.  In fact, we have one of the largest teams in our region with over 120 of our own technical crew and 30 support members to help promote and deliver our services.  FCi offer a full range of electronic security solutions:

  • Access Control Solutions (both on site and cloud service)
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • High Security turnstiles and entry portals
  • Identification solutions
  • Security Intercom solutions
  • Emergency Help Points
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Full Service Monitoring Services
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring
  • Government Secure Room solutions
  • Door Operators/Barrier free products
  • Electro-magnetic locks and security hardware
  • Security turnstiles

Barrier free door operators are a common integration treatment.  Interconnecting these solutions is critical to proper operation and lifecycle considerations.  There are also a variety of building code compliance requirements.  As an example, door operators offer a convenient option for barrier free applications.  They are a requirement for many openings.  Interconnecting these operators to the access control system can be as simple as connecting a timer module to ensure that the operator motor is not activated without a valid credential being presented.  Connecting this timer module will prevent the operator from being activated when the door is locked.  Preventing motor burn-out is critical to ensuring the door operator remains operational for many years to come.  We offer a full range of barrier free operators to fit any application.  These include wireless activator buttons as well as hard wired solutions.  These operators are ideal for new construction and existing openings.    We have completed a variety of these projects for interior and exterior openings.  Many of these solutions can be installed in heritage or challenging environments.  We have the right solution for any application.  Contact us today for help with your next project.