Cellular Coverage

Cellular Coverage

Nowadays, people expect perfect cell reception, wherever they go, all the time. Whether it’s for business or personal use, we depend on being connected 24/7. Eliminate the frustration of dropped calls. Trust the experts at FCi to provide in-building cellular coverage that keeps everyone connected.


Several technology trends today can contribute to poor performance on mobile data networks, resulting in dropped calls and user frustration. These factors include:

  • Today’s energy-efficient green building designs are very good at isolating our work and play spaces from UV and the heat of the sun, but they can also block wireless signals.
  • The trend toward “cutting the cord” to move away from wired telephones to Wireless connectivity means more load on the cell carriers networks.
  • Dense building materials, metal sheathing on building exteriors and subsurface construction (such as underground parking garages or service tunnels) can also isolate users from the network.

Improved Cell Coverage and In-Building Mobility:

FCi offers the technology solutions to enhance cellular coverage and capacity in areas where you need it most. Our services and technologies include:

  • Cellular signal coverage and quality surveys
  • Design of in-building cellular coverage solutions.
  • Installation and commissioning of cellular repeaters and Distributed Antenna systems, both passive and Active (Fiber or hybrid Fiber/Coax systems)
  • iBwave Design Services (Our staff are trained to Level III with iBwave)

The team at FCi offers unmatched experience in the design and installation of cellular coverage solutions in Ottawa and the National Capital Region.

Our team is extensively trained by our manufacturer partners and are security-cleared to provide services in any facility in the area.

Give your users the cellular coverage that they need, and demand. Contact us today for more information on how we can improve the experience for cell users in your facility.

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