Calendar Year 2017 was a great year for FCi’s wireless division that continued to see double-digits percentage YOY (Year-Over-Year) growth. This growth has been fueled mainly by 2 solutions in our wireless portfolio – DAS and WiFi. The growth in these 2 areas (as shown in the pie-chart left) of our wireless business indicates a growing technology trend that demands attention.

Firstly, businesses in the Ottawa-Gatineau region are increasingly moving towards modernizing their network infrastructure and going wireless. From private enterprises to government entities, wireless services are becoming a quintessential component of their ICT infrastructure.

Secondly, as reliance on cellular phones increases in the workplace, organizations are now seriously upgrading their communications infrastructure to enable stronger cellular coverage in their buildings. This realization shows in our own experience as DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) becomes, for the first time in our wireless practice, the most sought-after service by our clients! 4G/LTE has really changed the game as data access over cell phones becomes more reliable and much faster. As data plans get cheaper (recall the “10 GB for $60” offer by all Canadian Telcos just before Christmas) and data transfer rates get faster on cell phones, reliance on cellular technologies will only increase.

Thirdly, WiFi continues to roll out at a hectic pace. The bar chart below shows how net-new WiFi jobs, by far, keeps us at FCi most busy. And this is just the beginning! There is a lot of WiFi work yet to come in the Ottawa-Gatineau region in 2018/2019. FCi has been surveying, assessing needs, designing, deploying and managing WiFi networks across all the major WiFi vendors – HPE (Aruba), Fortinet, Cisco et al.

As we kick-off Calendar Year 2018, it will be interesting to see how this space develops. In 2017, we have made some important partnerships based on our experience in our growth areas to keep ourselves competitive in the marketplace and to bring real value to our clients.

Here’s wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous 2018 from the wireless team at FCi!