Today’s consumers want cost effective, non-proprietary and efficient solutions.   They also want the benefits of an integrated system. Some of the most beneficial applications include having a single software application to search, maintain and produce reports. Detailed audit and transaction reports offer efficient investigative tools; simple audit reporting and seamlessly connect alarm, access and video evidence along a single timeline. This integrated timeline accurately pieces together details of an event in one single package.

fci-showroom-ottawaToday, integration of alarm, video and access control has become more popular as technology blends what were once separate disciplines. Integrated telephone entry systems that connect access control systems to manage tenant and guest access in apartments, condominiums and commercial buildings help facilitate a single software to manage users. Building operators benefit from having one software application to learn, manage and maintain. A new tenant can simply be enrolled in one software application. Removing a tenant can be done at one point as well. This reduces the chance for neglecting to remove them from the directory and allowing unauthorized access.

Virtual alarm keypads, managing alarm inputs and having active maps are efficient management options once reserved for large campus security applications. Integrating electronic security applications can be a cost effective way to provide a complete security package. Many integrators now offer complete solutions that include full service alarm, video surveillance and access control applications within a single suite of software.

Integrating video surveillance applications can also benefit the end user. Video is no longer simple situational awareness or after the fact evidence.

Open source technology platforms offer a series of advantages. Video analytics and integration can provide real time awareness and reporting of critical events and situations. More importantly, these features offer benefits to extend the return on your security investment. Having access to real time information and reporting features increase security and effectiveness.

We are fortunate to have so many integration options from leading manufacturers. Connecting video; intercom; alarm; access control and a host of other applications has never been easier. Taking advantage of these technology offerings requires continual education and learning. Maintaining the skillsets required to offer, sell and service these systems is vital to our success.

But, as those of us in the security industry know, not all systems can work together in a seamless environment. This allows all of the security stakeholders to collaborate on the best solution. Defining the desired outcomes in a clear scope of work can only benefit all involved. Knowing what you want to achieve by an integrated security solution will improve your security system and provide security benefits for years to come. Seek out the advice and counsel of a security professional to help choose the right solution for your application.

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This article originally appeared in SP&T News.