Pelco videoVideo Surveillance continues to evolve as technology advances make it even easier to migrate from analogue technology to IP.  Innovation will continue to make IP based cameras and recording solutions the most efficient security measure.  Video Surveillance continues to be recognized as a valuable tool to help deter, detect and document criminal activity.  Many organizations have already migrated legacy hardware to network based IP solutions.  What is preventing you from enjoying the benefits of a new system?

Here are just a few noted benefits:

  1. Improved image resolution resulting in superior quality.
  2. Efficient video storage and retention.
  3. Enhanced viewing options that provide increased capacity to view images.
  4. Scalable solutions for every application.
  5. Powerful feature sets available with video management software.
  6. Convenient mobile applications.
  7. Secure cybersecurity network features.
  8. Managed bandwidth.
  9. Encoders to connect legacy hardware.
  10. Improved search, save and back up function for video files.

Still not convinced that 2017 is the time to migrate to a new IP Video Surveillance system.  We understand that the return on investment can be a consideration.  You should know that the cost for recording appliances, IP cameras and accessories have never been more affordable.  The wide adoption, fierce competition and ever increasing innovation continue to make these systems cost effective.  There are many solutions that can allow you to transition existing analogue cameras while taking advantage of the benefits of IP.  Encoders are an excellent tool to support older cameras while installing new IP camera solutions.

Most importantly, image quality enhancement should drive your decision.  North America continues to be dominated by Video Systems that are deployed for after the fact, situational awareness.  Few systems are actually being constantly monitored by dedicated security professionals.  Why not have the best image possible when you need it?  Being able to make clear identification is critical to an effective system.  Equally important is having simple, clear and efficient systems to help you manage your applications.  Take advantage of these powerful features today.  It has never been easier to migrate your legacy system to a feature rich system.