Whenever searching for a professional or company to perform services, it is a best practice to look for some type of certification in order to ensure that whoever you hire is qualified to perform the duties you’ve employed them for. Security integration should be no different, especially when safety, and protection of property are on the line.

Whether it’s video surveillance, an access control system, or an emergency phone, you want to trust that whoever is installing these important measures knows what they’re doing

Present Landscape of the Electronic Security Industry

Canadian Accredited Security Contractor

As it stands, the electronic security industry is unregulated. Although some provincial governments have legislated requirements, most provinces in Canada, including Ontario, do not have any legislated standards, but there are still many ways to acquire the experience necessary for the job. Like many trades, apprenticeship and on-the-job training account for some of the best learning opportunities. Also, many leading manufacturers of security technology certify partners and integrators on their product offerings. Technical training, both in class and online, offer an opportunity for the installer and service professionals to be fully versed in electronic security systems. Technical certification ensures a level of competency and proficiency that otherwise wouldn’t be enforced due to the lack of regulation and legislation.

Electronic Security Training and Certification

The Canadian Security Association, also known as CANASA, offer an excellent education and learning platform. CANASA was also instrumental in developing the Canadian Accreditied Security Contractor, or CASC, program aimed to increase professionalism and certification in the electronic security industry. CASC also helps to ensure standards relative to insurance, security screening and independent third-party audit. All of these measures may one day build the framework for possible government regulation.

Find a Certified Security Integrator

Certification and training are key to a succefull security installation. Training and ongoing support also play a critical role in ensuring your security system is operating at peak performance.
The next time you hire a security integrator ask them about certification and training.

To learn more about the CASC program at www.canasa.org.

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