Beginning the day with breakfast is recognized as a healthy way to start your day.  I always enjoy beginning the day with a breakfast meeting with our security technicians.  Admittedly, when I joined FCi in 2007 the breakfast reservation represented a much smaller number of team members.  Recently I was joined by a team of over twenty-five FCi Security Solutions staff.  These breakfast meetings are a great way to communicate our success, address important issues and have a fun get together over breakfast.  We take this opportunity to recognize the accomplishments, contributions and vital front line services we provide to our clients. Each team member contributes to our success.  These include our administration, support and leadership team.  Technicians who deploy the video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, emergency intercom or other security solutions we provide play a vital role in our growth, success and health of our company.  Their role may be providing an inspection and preventative maintenance service; installation of a new high security turnstile or attending to a service call.  Each of these roles help to differentiate our service offering.  FCi truly embrace customer service as a differentiator.  Our security solutions team provide phenomenal service to our clients.  This unique approach to service has allowed us to become a trusted leader in our region.  Our depth of knowledge, experience and expertise also help set up apart from others in our market.

We also encourage some fun elements during our meeting.  Trivia questions, special recognition and welcoming new team members almost always earns some type of prize.  Many of these prizes have been collected from trade shows, events and conferences.  Sometimes these prizes are gift cards that can be very well received.  Engaging with our team is always something that I enjoy.  Getting to know them is another substantial benefit.

FCi is well positioned to help with any electronic security solutions.  Our team members are certified and experienced with many of the top tier electronic security platforms.  We would be pleased to help you with your existing or new security requirements.