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Using industry-leading technologies, FCi provides design, integration and training of IP-based security solutions, including access control, video surveillance and intrusion detection. FCi ensures your people, facilities, and data are secure.


Access Control

Allowing authorized people to conveniently enter and leave the property while restricting access to those who don’t belong is a crucial part of any facility security strategy. FCi is the leading expert and provider of access control solutions in Ottawa and the National Capital Region. Let our experts guide you towards the tools, equipment and policies that are right for your facility or organization. Learn More

Video Surveillance

Keep a line of sight on emerging threats with video surveillance. Digital video surveillance has evolved in to the dominant electronic security solution for facility managers, from business to industry and even for homeowners. CCTV systems offer situational awareness for both live and recorded images. Today HD and IP Video Solutions offer a variety of advantages over analog systems. The video surveillance experts at FCi will help steer you toward the system that’s right you and your business. Learn More

Alarm Monitoring

Even the most state-of-the-art alarm system is only valuable if there’s someone there monitoring. Leave it to the trusted professionals at FCi to ensure that your facility is well looked after, morning, noon and night. Learn More

Intrusion Detection

If an intruder tries to gain access to your facility, what’s stopping them? Intrusion detection is a crucial line of defence in protecting your building, office or warehouse from active threats. FCi’s team of commercial security experts will provide recommendations on what sort of threat detection you really need, and the best course of action to protect your asset from intruders. Learn More

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