FCi is proud to be celebrating its 20th year of operations in 2015, a reflection on the strength of the organization, the quality of service it provides its customers, and the talented employees who make it run smoothly each and every day.

Over the years, the company has evolved into three main segments: the cabling/telecom division, which the company was founded on; the security solutions division; and the most recent addition to the FCi organization, the wireless division.

Twenty years after the company’s founding, FCi stands as a market leader in all three segments in Ottawa and the National Capital Region.

The Evolution of FCi

A brochure from the earlier days of FCi, featuring the company's "Pyramid of Commitments"

(photo: A brochure from the earlier days of FCi, featuring the company’s “Pyramid of Commitments.” Click for full view.)

Company founder and CEO Mike Fleming founded FCi as a cabling business in 1995. Compared to what the company would eventually become, those early days of the organization were humble, with a staff of eight technicians and one office administrator.

But the company took off quickly. Within six months, the company had landed a payphone contract with Bell Canada, the first of many large projects that would spur the organization on to rapid growth. The next year, FCi landed its first international contract. And in 1999, the organization took a major step towards its future with the introduction of security services – at first, focused primarily on controlled access solutions. The foresight to grow new segments of the business carried through with the eventual introduction of a full security services division, and later, the wireless solutions division.

FCi greeted the new millennium by moving into a sparkling new 5100 sq. ft. facility on Belfast Rd. in Ottawa, which the company calls its home base to this day. 2003 saw another big development for the future of the organization, as president Geoff Oakes came on board.

The whirlwind journey has gone by in a flash. At present, FCi has a staff of 20 in the office, over 85 technicians and a fleet of 40 vehicles – a world away from those humble early days.

The FCi Difference

So what sets FCi apart from other companies in the Ottawa area, and has helped its continued growth and expansion over the years?

There are several elements to that. One of the big points is that the FCi team places a strong emphasis on customer retention. Whereas other organizations in the same industries may look at a cabling, wireless, or security installation as a job, FCi looks at it as a commitment – to provide high-quality ongoing service and support for its clients, and build relationships to the point where FCi becomes an extension of their clients’ team.

Another thing that makes FCi stand out is just how many employees have been with the company for a long time. While the growth of the company has been nearly-constant over the past couple of decades, employee turnover has always been low. Ask anybody within the company, and they’ll tell you that working at FCi has a family feel to it. The commitment to quality service and a great work environment can largely be attributed to the unique corporate structure. The leaders of each division are partners in the company, ensuring a strong sense of ownership and accountability from the top down. That accountability trickles down throughout the organization, ensuring a great work environment and the highest-quality service for our clients.

Beyond its business accomplishments, the company is proud of its active involvement in many great causes and organizations throughout the community. Some of our big community causes that we’ve been involved with in recent years include the Ottawa Hospital Foundation; University of Ottawa Heart Institute; the Royal Ottawa Health Care Group; CHEO; the Soloway JCC; CANASA and Crime Stoppers.

FCi trucks

The Journey Continues

FCi has made huge strides since its founding in 1995, and today, the organization fully lives up to its mantra of “One Company, One Call.” The same passion, dedication and service that grew the business to this point will continue to propel it forward in the years to come.

Here’s to FCi – and another 20 years of success!



(above: FCi management team (L-R) – Mike Fleming, Geoff Oakes, John Saull, Brady Akeson, Jeff Hodgins, Gaston Carreau, David Sheldrick, Stephen Lee.)