Electronic security has many disciplines within the field with each offering substantial protection, detection and deterrent to unwanted behaviour or criminal activity.  We offer experience and expertise in many of these disciplines.  One often overlooked discipline is perimeter protection or territorial reinforcement.  Establishing a clear perimeter is an effective deterrent and can create time to respond to any issue.  Perimeter fencing and gate controls offer effective protection.

We were recently awarded a contract to install Automatic-System’s high security BLG-77 series gates for a client.  This installation required excavation work, concrete work as well as road resurfacing.  Extending their perimeter fence detection system and addressing their access control and intercom requirements was also required. With any installation, project management is a key element when managing various sub-contractor trades, schedules and other deliverables.  Our experienced team successfully delivered the project on time and within budget.  Working with the client and other stakeholders helped to ensure a successful deployment.  Having factory trained and certified technicians also helped us deliver an effective solution for our client.  Training and certification help ensure a safe work site while mitigating any risks.

These new gates will help provide a secure entry path while enhancing protection for the facility.  Deploying a reinforced raising fenced barrier is an effective alternative to traditional sliding gates with several advantages, including maneuvering speed and obstruction on the ground.  Preventative-maintenance and inspection services will ensure many years of successful operation.

Our team continue to deliver exceptional customer experiences for a wide variety of electronic security applications.  We are more than your trusted source for access control, video surveillance or intrusion detection.  FCi offer complete electronic security solutions that includes perimeter fence detection systems; high security gates; barriers; turnstiles and other electronic security measures that help ensure the protection for facilities, people and profits.  As well, we can help with installation design, deployment and develop tailored maintenance, support and inspection services.

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