When was the last time you left home, or the office without your cell phone?

Using our phone as an access control credential, can be convenient, and eliminates the need to carry conventional credentials (key fob, card, adhesive tag, etc…).   Although it seems like a simple extension, there are a number of things to consider when selecting a mobile credential solution.

How many steps are required to activate the mobile key on your phone?

1-Enter code to unlock your phone.

2-Select and open the app, or browser.

3-You may need to select the door to unlock.

4-Activate the electronic key.

How long did the above steps take?

How many times will you repeat the above process, to reach your office?

Did you do this with one hand, or both?

Are all the employee’s phones compatible with the mobile credential solution?  Reference our May 17 Blog, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).  NFC (Near Field Communication) is not available on some phones.

If using Bluetooth, can the access control readers support it?  If you have readers in close proximity, will Bluetooth open multiple doors simultaneously?

For a WiFi/cellular data solution, does the coverage in your facility reach all reader doors?

How much input from your IT resources are required?

For a solution to all these questions and a migration plan that matches your application, as a security provider, we can help guide you, contact us.


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