So you’ve opened up another new corporate site.  Growth is always exciting, but it presents unique challenges to daily operations when the network is suddenly split across multiple sites.


Traditionally, a LAN extension is implemented with a dark fiber (very expensive) point-to-point VPN over the internet or one of various carrier Leased-line solutions. The monthly cost, associated build charges and overall reliability of these offerings vary across the portfolio.

An alternative solution offered by FCi and our Hardware partners is a dedicated, Broadband Microwave LAN extension.

Extending the Network

From the perspective of your network equipment, these transparent Ethernet bridges look like a segment of fiber or Cat-6, with sub-5ms latency and available bandwidth from 10mbps to multiples of full-duplex, gigabit Ethernet speeds.

There are several advantages over a traditional leased line:

  • The solution is wholly owned by you, no strings attached.
  • The installation can be engineered for 99.999% uptime.
  • An associated operational Maintenance and Support Contract with a tight SLA provides for an even better uptime, in case of mechanical failure.
  • Very fast deployment.  Implementation time is measured in days, rather than months with many carrier offerings
  • 128 or 256-bit AES encryption capability is built  into the hardware (depending on the specific version of hardware.)

A Logical Solution

As it turns out, pricing on this solution can be significantly below traditional LAN extension offerings, even when the wired option requires no build charge.

Fast turnaround, flexibility, great price – how great is that?

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