The digital revolution has taken the security industry by storm in recent years, and video surveillance is no exception.

IP (internet protocol) Video Surveillance continues to evolve as the dominant electronic security solution for business; industry; government and even residential applications.

While the transformation from traditional analog video to IP technology has been a slow-moving process, there’s no doubt that today video is about IP.

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The IP Advantage

IP video surveillance systems offer a number of advantages over older analog systems. They offer more flexibility in terms of placement, access and a range of features that analog can’t touch. Enhanced megapixel cameras offer superior resolution and image capture capacity. It all adds up to a more modern, superior video surveillance system.

While there are still some challenges with IP systems – storage, network capacity, cable distance and lighting – all of these challenges can be overcome with complementary technologies and solutions that make IP the technology of choice for security applications today.

Making the Switch to IP Video Surveillance

What was once a costly proposition is more affordable than ever for businesses, corporations and everyday consumers; the rapid growth and adoption of IP Video Surveillance has resulted in a much more cost effective option for the public.

Manufacturing efforts have ramped up to address the changing market and they have also developed ever increasing features and benefits. We have seen the technology develop to support 180° and 360° IP cameras, along with the development of increased megapixel resolution cameras. Research and development continues to focus on developing creative solutions for security challenges.

Hybrid solutions allow for the transition from analogue video to IP using a variety of solutions designed to effectively leverage existing cable infrastructure. Some systems offer encoders and converter technology to allow organizations to maintain much of their existing infrastructure as they move to IP.

IP Video Surveillance in Ottawa

While every application can offer challenges, FCi has the experience and expertise to help you move forward with enhanced video surveillance in Ottawa and surrounding areas, for your security requirements.

Our network knowledge and leadership in the security industry ensure a complete solution designed specifically for your needs today and tomorrow.

Contact us, your Ottawa security solutions experts, for more information on IP video surveillance throughout the National Capital Region.