Canadians are among some of the most connected mobile telephone users on the planet. However, in an emergency you may not have access to your device or be able to provide first responders with critical information. This is where Code Blue help points can provide critical information in an emergency.
These vibrant coloured units offer customized graphics and unsurpassed communications quality. Not only are they engineered to work in the harshest environments, they also offer several features:

Blue Emergency Box

  • Emergency signalling through bright blue strobe lights which activate in an emergency
  • Operator notification
  • Cellular, analog or IP communications
  • ADA compliance
  • Mass notification options
  • Incident response, with text to speech capabilities
  • Camera integration
  • Active mapping

How Emergency Help Points Work

FCi supplies, installs and maintains these systems throughout the community for a wide variety of applications. In an emergency, you simply need to push the bright call button and a signal is automatically transmitted detailing your exact location. Two-way voice communication is established and responders can speak directly with you. Notification strobe beacons can also help identify the location and provide an alert. In some cases, video surveillance cameras can be integrated to provide enhanced information and situational awareness.

FCi have installed Code Blue units across our region at:

  • Government campus locations
  • Public transit
  • Surface Parking
  • Underground Parking
  • Campus environments
  • Healthcare facilities

Learn More About Code Blue Systems

Code Blue systems offer incident deterrence and help reduce security costs while managing liability. Learn more about these and other electronic security at

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