Intercom communications are no longer simply two tin cans connected by a string. Today, sophisiticated intercom systems help keep people safe and secure in all types of environments. Audio communciation systems can be used to connect a reception desk to an entry door, or even include video integration to allow staff to see who is at the door, keeping the workplace safe from threats. Remote door release options can help staff control doors, gates or shipping and receiving doors.

The Function of Intercoms


Intercom systems provide an excellent first line of defence. They help to protect property and people. Visitors can be acknowledged before they ever show up at your reception desk.

Our most recommended intercom solution is from Aiphone Corp. These purpose built units offer extensive solutions for any application. Many of these systems support IP technology to allow for multiple control and entry points using networks.

The very basic design typically requires a door station connected to a desk unit. The system can manage lock hardware to remotely release doors or gates from the desk. Often, the system will have a built-in video screen to allow staff to see who is at the door before they release it. This convenient and secure system can control access to an office or facility with effective visitor management.

Use in Condos, Apartments, and Office Buildings

There are often applications that require multiple suite control. These applications can be managed with larger systems, including telephone entry systems with multiple users. Condominiums, multi-tenant dwellings, commercial office buildings and apartments are best served by these systems. The systems can support a single user, to thousands of users.

Integration with Other Security Measures

In some cases, we integrate these entry systems with building access control systems. This can offer a single suite of software to manage both applications. A complete log of events can even provide identification that will indicate what tenant granted access and at what time. Touchscreen solutions offer a more modern display for visitors to connect and communicate.

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