Recently, we met with Shopify, the leading commerce platform that allows anyone to sell online, in-store and everywhere in between, at their office in Ottawa. Naturally, the discussion eventually shifted towards the reasons why they thought that FCi would make a good partner for them. They told us that our involvement in our local community was one of the main factors in their decision to use our security services.

We were thrilled to hear this, because clearly this client gets what FCi is all about.

Adding Crime Stoppers to the Trucks

Our community partnerships are an important commitment, and for us, that goes beyond a corporation writing a cheque. To us, being involved with causes in our local community means finding issues that our people are passionate about and getting involved to really make our local neighborhoods a better place.

One of our big partnerships is with Crime Stoppers, National Capital Area. The local chapter was started in 1985 and is a locally-run, non-profit partnership between the public, police and media. Our ties with Crime Stoppers are deep: Richard McMullen, who leads our Security Solutions division, is President of the local chapter. If you’re unfamiliar with the organization, its mission is to provide an anonymous outlet for people to report crimes or provide tips they might not do so otherwise – because of fear, apathy, or an unwillingness to get involved. For more information:

As the leading security solutions provider in the National Capital Region, Crime Stoppers is a cause that our people believe in… and the kinds of partnerships that we are truly passionate about.

Towards the end of that aforementioned meeting, one of the members of the Shopify team asked Richard about what they could do to get involved in Crime Stoppers. That’s the kind of impact that we strive for in our community partnerships: connecting members of the local business community with worthy causes in our local neighborhoods. And as a sign of our support, we’re putting the Crime Stoppers logo on our fleet of vehicles.

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– FCi Team