Canadians are among some of the most giving volunteers on the planet. In fact, 2010 statistics indicate that about half of all Canadians contributed time and skills to a variety of charitable causes and not-for-profit organizations.

FCi donated funds to help Crime Stoppers (pictured L-R: Geoff Oakes, President of FCi, Richard McMullen, Ottawa Police Sgt. Arthur Wong, Crime Stoppers Coordinator.)

As an organization, FCi really believes in the value of community partnerships, and the importance of playing an active role in improving your community in some way. I, along with many of my FCi colleagues, are active volunteers with many organizations.

Many of us contribute our time and experience as coaches, mentors or leaders in a wide variety of ways. Volunteering offers invaluable opportunities and benefits to society and can enrich the lives of so many – including the volunteer.

CANASA: Canadian Security Association

In 2009 I became active with the Canadian Security Association (CANASA) and have continued to contribute by participating on a number of boards and committees. I was privileged to serve two terms as President of the CANASA Ottawa Sub-Chapter from 2009 and was elected President of our Ontario Chapter in 2013. My term as President will come to a conclusion in June of this year at our AGM being held in Ottawa on June 3rd. I have enjoyed the opportunity to contribute and work with so many talented and committed individuals.

Crime Stoppers: An FCi Community Partner

While attending a CANASA event in 2012 I had an opportunity meet some of our National Capital Area Crime Stoppers board members. They had been attending the same event and I learned of some of the financial challenges that they faced. Circumstances created an opportunity for me to embark on another volunteer opportunity, although I did not fully realize the role I was about to play with Crime Stoppers. I began to attend meetings as a guest and several months later found myself serving as a board member and golf committee chair.

In June 2013 I was elected President and Chairman of the National Capital Area Crime Stoppers. We have turned the corner on our financial challenges and continue to thrive. Along with a talented group of dedicated staff and volunteers, Crime Stoppers continues to provide valuable information to assist law enforcement solve, resolve and prevent crime. All of this is done without direct tax payer dollars; as an example of that, FCi donated funds to help Crime Stoppers (pictured in the photo above, L-R: Geoff Oakes, President of FCi, Richard McMullen & Ottawa Police Sgt. Arthur Wong, Crime Stoppers Coordinator.) It’s one of our community partnerships that we’re really proud of. Personally, I continue to be amazed at how effective and vital Crime Stoppers is.

The Importance of Giving Back

Establishing relationships with these sorts of organizations is a natural fit considering our position as a leader in Ottawa security solutions. We encourage everyone to consider volunteering – giving back is an excellent way to contribute and share with your community, and a cause that everyone at FCi is on board with.