Access Control System

If you are still using a key to provide access to your building or office, you should know that there’s a better way.

Access Control Systems have become an accepted method of controlling access to high rise residential buildings, offices and workplaces. These systems offer secure and convenient access to a variety of properties, and can be used to control parking lot access, building entry, elevator control and individual door access. The systems can integrate with security turnstiles to effectively control the flow of office workers, and help securely manage elevator traffic, directing individuals to their designated floor.

In short, access control systems provide a level of security and flexibility that extends far beyond the capabilities of a traditional key system.

What Other Features Can an Access Control System Provide?

Here are a few examples of the enhanced functionality that an access control system can provide for your building or organization:

  • It can be used to help track visitor management requirements.
  • It can help ensure safe evacuation from facilities.
  • The systems provide reporting and audit trail capacities to help keep facilities safe.
  • Credentials (cards, keyfobs or even adhesive decals) offer individual identification, and many software solutions include reporting and audit capabilities.
  • Time-of-day schedules and detailed access control management can limit specific cards to a single door, for a single period of time. These schedules and rules can be applied across a group of users or set up to provide tailored access for a specific cardholder.
  • These systems are also used to automatically lock and unlock doors while maintaining the ability to lockdown a facility with ease.

The Best Access Control Solutions for Business

There are dozens of respected software and hardware solutions available today. We always try and encourage non-proprietary solutions that offer multi-layered security while providing for future growth and expansion.

Our most recommended card reader is the HID iClass technology that provides secure authentication.

Format of the Future is Here Today

Transitioning away from older card formats provides enhanced overall security at the same time as offering greater multiple use applications.  Smart cards offer opportunities to support a host of payment solutions, logical access to computer logins as well as several unique data storage offerings.

We may soon see the adoption of  Bluetooth® and NFC (near field communication) technology that allows smart phone users the ability to transform their mobile device into a secure credential.

Proper Selection of Hardware is Crucial

Many access control systems require integration to fire alarm systems to address building code requirements. The proper selection of hardware, including lock hardware designed and approved for specific applications is essential.

For example, electro-magnetic locks have an intended purpose and provide a solution for many standard and complicated openings.  Building Code compliance and adherence to local jurisdiction having authority requirements is the law.  Selecting the proper lock hardware to match frames, door hardware as well as application is critical to ensure proper operation and meet code.  Consult an expert to ensure access control systems are properly deployed.

Learn More About Access Control Solutions

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