The local public safety community welcomed the official launch of Algonquin Colleges’ new Bachelor of Public Safety (Honours) program on Monday, January 22, 2018.  The official launch was hosted at Algonquin College with a variety of presentations to help share this exciting news.  We started the day of the launch with a segment on Ottawa CTV Morning Live  where we shared information with the audience about this new four-year degree program.  This new program will not only help produce future security professionals, it will also address a need for higher credentialed individuals in the industry.  Algonquin has always helped produce talented learners ready to take on employment opportunities.  The public safety community will offer many roles for these graduates, including both private and public sector careers.  Learners can expect a broad academic curriculum with exciting co-op opportunities to help them develop the skills, experience and expertise to take on these roles.

I have been involved on the program’s public advisory committee (PAC) for almost decade.  The PAC has an experienced team of talented individuals with extensive public safety expertise.  Collaborating with colleagues from the public and private sector has been a wonderful experience.  In fact, many of our original PAC members attended the launch event last week.  Contributing to this program has been very meaningful for all of us.  I was very proud to see the program launch with such enthusiasm.  No doubt that the future is bright for the first group of learners.

Faculty at Algonquin can equally be proud of this new program offering.  Developing the course material along with securing approval from the Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development.  They have also been active with many initiatives to ensure a full cohort of learners are ready to participate beginning in the fall term this September.  This first group of learners have much to look forward to as they begin what will be an exciting opportunity.  Registration for this new program has already been active.  Algonquin will be hosting a webinar on February 20, 2018 to share information with potential students.  I am excited to join Algonquin faculty and some of our PAC members as we help answer questions and provide details about employment opportunities.  I hope you can join us to learn more about this exciting new program.

Here is a link with more information on this new program.