video-surveillance-ottawa-featuredProtecting your business, property, people and profits is key to success. 

Here are a nine TIPS on how you can increase your security and provide an effective deterrent to crime.

  1. Update your alarm system call list with your security provider. Having up to date and correct information is vital to an effective notification process.  Updated keyholder information will ensure there are no delays in dispatching.  Many police services require enhanced call verification prior to dispatch.
  2. Have your alarm system tested and inspected on a regular basis. Ensuring the correct operation will also help to ensure that the system is working as designed and intended.
  3. Review your protected premise to ensure that renovations, signage or other factors will not impact the performance of your system. For example, new signage or product displays may be blocking a motion detector and prevent activation.
  4. Ensure proper training for anyone operating your alarm system. This will help reduce false dispatches.  Make sure users know the monitoring centre contact number and know how to identify themselves with proper passwords or system ID numbers.
  5. Target harden your premise with proper lighting and solid lock hardware on doors and windows.
  6. Make your business address visible. Having proper signage will help authorities identify your premise.
  7. Verify any video surveillance cameras are correctly aimed and recording before you have an incident. Testing and verification of recording should be done a regular basis.  Keeping your video surveillance system cameras cleaned will also help with performance.
  8. Address and repair any deficiencies with your security hardware. Dealing with false alarms or any other problems will ensure your system is fully functional when you need it.
  9. Display “Secured By” decals and signage. These are an excellent deterrent and can help local authorities contact you via your security provider.

These simple steps all involve partnering with your security provider to ensure the best possible security outcomes for your property.