Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance

Keep a line of sight on emerging threats with video surveillance. Digital video surveillance has evolved in to the dominant electronic security solution for facility managers, from business to industry and even for homeowners. CCTV systems offer situational awareness for both live and recorded images. Today, HD and IP Video Solutions offer a variety of advantages over analog systems. The video surveillance experts at FCi will help steer you toward the system that’s right you and your business.


FCi offers both IP based (internet protocol) and traditional analog Digital Video Surveillance solutions. These systems can also be hybrid solutions to take advantage of existing infrastructure and technology.

IP based systems can deliver substantial savings as they can run over the existing corporate network reducing new infrastructure costs and offer a better consolidated approach to infrastructure management.

Our FCi Security Solutions team is proud to offer video surveillance systems from some of the leading companies in the industry.

Surveillance Solutions for your Facility:

FCi is a market leader in providing surveillance solutions for your needs, including:

  • Assessment of your needs and expert recommendations of the products that are right for you.
  • Design, installation and deployment of video surveillance scheme.
  • Assistance in transitioning older digital video surveillance to IP-based systems.
  • Cleanings and Inspections
  • Technical assistance and 24-hour technical support

Ensure the safety of your facility. Fight back against theft. Reduce or eliminate crime and vandalism around your facility. Keep tabs on what’s happening with a modern video surveillance solution. Speak to FCi, your local commercial video surveillance experts in Ottawa so we can get to work on designing a system and approach that’s ideal for your needs.

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