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Time to upgrade your Video Surveillance System?

January 18, 2017 Security Richard McMullen

Video Surveillance continues to evolve as technology advances make it even easier to migrate from analogue technology to IP.  Innovation will continue to make IP based cameras and recording solutions the most efficient security measure.  Video Surveillance continues to be recognized as a valuable tool to help deter, detect and document criminal activity.  Many organizations […]

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9 Commercial Security TIPS

August 8, 2016 Security Richard McMullen

Protecting your business, property, people and profits is key to success.  Here are a nine TIPS on how you can increase your security and provide an effective deterrent to crime. Update your alarm system call list with your security provider. Having up to date and correct information is vital to an effective notification process.  Updated keyholder […]

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Does your Security Provider actively participate at industry events?

June 15, 2016 Security Richard McMullen

Las Vegas was the place to be earlier this year as the International Security Conference and Exhibition, known as ISC West hosted an outstanding four day electronic security showcase for the North American security market.  Almost 30,000 delegates attended the showcase exhibits, education and training sessions during the four day event.  Breaking attendance records was […]

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Know WHO you are dealing with

April 12, 2016 Security Richard McMullen

“Know who you are dealing with” is the 2016 theme for the Ontario Association of Chiefs’ of Police (OACP) Crime Prevention campaign.  Fraud and a variety of scams are highlighted in this awareness campaign to help the public be alert to crimes that affect us all.  I was honoured to represent CANASA at the media […]

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WiFi in Heritage Buildings

March 8, 2016 Wireless Harvey Ehrenholz

It turns out that Ottawa is rife with Heritage Buildings (No surprise, being the Nation’s Capital).  FCi is frequently called upon to design, install, upgrade or troubleshoot Wireless networks in these difficult locations. There are multiple concerns when building a WLAN in a heritage building; Limited pathways for Cabling Limited Access to AC power Restrictions on […]

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